Rocket Doll

Rocket Doll is a game that I made as a masters student at DigiPen using C++ and Direct3D 9. Rocket Doll is a first-person platformer with puzzles. The player takes control of a ragdoll who just finished overthrowing an evil empire by destroying it with a rocket launcher. Now the player must leave the environment in order to find the way home. The rocket launcher is now used for propulsion in order to traverse the terrain. The player takes self inflicted explosion damage from rocket jumping, so use of the rocket launcher must be careful. Play the game by downloading it from here: Rocket Doll.

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Metalloid is my final undergraduate DigiPen game project. Metalloid is a third person mechanical mission oriented combat action game similar to Armored Core in game play. I worked on the game alone, and I spent 9 months on it. It is was built with OGRE and ODE. The levels are built with GtkRadiant. The physics in the game handles BSP and bounding volume collision detection and response, stacking, and rotational physics. I am responsible for the game design and techincal design documents, AI, audio, HUD, state manager, scripting, graphics, physics, input, content, and installer. I also performed duties of a producer. Play the game by downloading it from here: Metalloid.

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A 3D Tank Game

This is a game that I made in 3 months over the summer. It is a 3D tank action game that I built using C# managed Direct3D and XNA. The player gets points for shooting Apache helicopters while operating a tank. The player has three lives and when the tank collides with a helicopter a life is lost until all are gone and the game restarts. The player is given three camera views to choose from. I implemented shaders for Phong lighting, texturing, and shadows. I developed a point sprite particle system for explosions and cannon fire. I wrote Verlet integration movement and animation physics. I implemented sphere, box, and ray/mesh collision detection. I wrote AI for path finding and movement behavior. I implemented audio for background music and sound effects.

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Critical Mass

Critical Mass is a third-person brawler that takes place on the molecular level. The player controls a molecule named Atom Powers as he fights other molecules for more atoms. As each character gets hurt, they drop atoms that other players can suck up in order to grow bigger and eventually reach Critical Mass. The player can play in single player competition against other molecules or multi-player mode with four players. The game was developed by a team of four of which I was a Producer and Programmer. It is written using OpenGL. I programmed a four player network engine with packet encryption using UDP winsock functionality. Play the game by downloading it from here: Critical Mass. A Visual Studio 2005 installation is required in order to run the game found at the link. Here is a promotion video of the game: Critical Mass Video.

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Appetite For Destruction

Appetite For Destruction is a top down 2D action driving game where the goal is to attack every other vehicle until yours is the last one still driving. There are weapon power-ups on the field that can be used to damage your opponents, or you can use your own car as a weapon by smashing into other cars. All vehicles visually show damage when they are hit, so if an enemy crashes into your rear end, the back of your car will be crushed. Every vehicle has a life meter, and when it is hit, the meter goes down. The meter drops an extra amount if the car is hit in an area that is already damaged, and the car stops running when the meter reaches zero. The game was made by a number of programmers that totals five. I was responsible for the game's graphics engine and level editor. The graphics for the game and the editor were written using Direct3D. As a Technical Director, I was responsible for the technical design document. I also created art content for the game.

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Medieval Warfair

Medieval Warfair is a turn based text based ASCII game that was developed by me and three other students as freshman. I wrote its text parser in C.

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