Volumetric Shadows for Particles

Volumetric Shadows for Particles is a Unity asset used to draw animated particle effects like smoke, steam, and dust with volumetric shadows for a dynamic light source. Volumetric shadows provide important visual cues that enhance realism. A modern approach to the conventional slice-based technique is used in order to achieve high performance, flexibility, and quality.

Before the particles are drawn, a volumetric shadow map is built. The particles are drawn once or twice from the view point of the light using multiple render targets. For 6 and 12 slices, the particles are drawn once. For 24 slices, the particles are drawn one addition time. The shadow map is used to draw the particles and surfaces in the scene with volumetric shadows.

Check out the Unity Asset Store page: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/user-tools/particles-effects/volumetric-shadows-for-particles-58571

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